What we do

Production technology

Our main activities can be identified as:

  • Overhauling, revision and repair of turbo blowers on board ships;
  • Repair/overhauling of turbo blowers in the workshop;
  • Rotor blades repair (new or reconditioned materials);
  • Build-up TIG welding (regeneration of turbine’s blades);
  • Metal spraying on the turbine axes;
  • Repair of the blowers and fans with a build-up welding process and subsequent restoration of the original profiles on numerical control processing centres;
  • Provision of spare parts for turbo blowers (new and/or reconditioned);
  • Provision of reconditioned bearing kits and oil pumps produced by our company, with the possibility of exchange with ABB turbo blowers;
  • Provision of new and/or reconditioned turbochargers;
  • Drafting and implementation of retrofitting projects for obsolete materials;
  • Drafting and implementation of installation amendments projects for the improvement of turbochargers performance.


Represented Producers – Service Stations

LMTD operates as a distributor and authorised service station for the following manufacturers:

  • KBB
  • MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES UE Engines in joint venture con San Giorgio Del Porto SpA

LMTD is also Italy’s only representative of the company DANTEC DISATAC, worldwide leader in the sector of rotational speed measurement equipment utilised in the overcharging field.

Other producers

As a former authorised service station, LMTD Srl grants support for the turbochargers produced by MAN and PBS Turbo, based on its personnel’s multi-year and qualified experience and on the employment of original spare parts.

LMTD also possesses a long-standing experience with the following turbochargers:

  • ABB
  • BCC
  • IHI
  • HSM
  • ALCO
  • KKK


After many requests from our clients, we are now set up for the inspection of turbo pumps manufactured by MAPRO – SAVIO – MEDINGER.

Thanks to our commitment and knowledge of our staff and to the reliability of our services and products, we were able, with time, to gain and establish our clients’ trust and respect.

The fact that we have represented leading producers on a worldwide basis for several years is a proof of our professionalism.